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Black Hoodies and Burnt Cookies

Chlorine-36 In the Gene Pool

Sara Summers
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This is a RP journal for marvel_nextgen. Nothing here is for real.

Physical description: 5' 6", 120 lbs, dark blonde hair, blue eyes. (Eyes can glow red. orange, yellow, white, violet, or green when she's using her powers, depending on the strength and wavelength.) 17 years old.

Abilities: Sara can generate and manipulate all forms of radiation on the electromagnetic spectrum, from radio waves to gamma rays. In addition, she can see all these wavelengths with her eyes, and she is immune to any harmful effects. Her powers are charged up by absorbing ambient radiation of all kinds. Sara is bright, although not a genius, and she has excellent mechanical and spatial aptitude.

Weaknesses and flaws: Sara is young, and hasn't developed her powers to their full extent. Her control is best along the middle range of the spectrum, from infrared through visible light and into ultraviolet radiation, and weakest at the far low (radio waves) and high (gamma radiation) ends. She can easily jam radio or wireless transmissions by creating a burst of static, but she can't yet fine-tune it to affect the data being transmitted. On the high end of the spectrum, she has managed short gamma bursts in a controlled environment, but she has difficulty controlling and reabsorbing the radiation, and the effort is very taxing.

Character location/Home: Xavier School

Alignment: Hero-in-training

Relatives: She's a Summers. She doesn't have a family tree, she has a Periodic Table of Relatives. (Her parents are Jean Grey and Scott Summers. She is named for her Aunt Sara and grandmother Katherine.)